Castle Atmosphere

Lordly towers, historical pinnacles and arcade windows.
Schloss Plars evokes tradition and combines the charming ambiance of old times with the stylish appeal of modernity, while love for details and a perceptible sense of well-being give an extra touch to the special atmosphere of the place. 

NEW: The lounge

A jewel of architecture. The newly designed lounge frames the historical flair in a charmingly innovative way. Sunny bright, of elegant design and revealing a breathtaking view over Merano and its mountain-pikes. Here relaxing is made much easier and even more enjoyable. 

The castle gardens with the NEW infinity-panorama pool

On the south side of the castle, a blossoming path leads to the panorama pool. Beautiful rosebushes, hydrangeas and oleanders, a good book, the feeling of warm sunrays on the skin… a dive in the refreshing water. Seize the day!

The ancient wine cellar

One who searches for treasures between the old castle walls will have his share in the old arcade cellars. Original barrels of ancient times, antique tools, the shimmer of dusty wine-bottles. Exactly like 110 years ago, but more valuable and more fascinating than ever.