A family of wine-growers

One who daily follows nature and its seasonal changes easily finds its roots. Andreas Theiner is a quiet, down to earth person that has taken over the family tradition of winegrowing and has been thoroughly, sensitively and professionally running the family business in its third generation, always aiming for quality. Take a trip back in time together with the Theiner family and you will understand where the love for wine comes from.

Franz Theiner

The wine-growing tradition of the Theiner family began in 1895, when Franz Theiner graduated from the vocational school for viniculture in Klosterneuburg, near Vienna. Encouraged by this precious experience and gifted with a keen sense for business, he got back to South Tyrol in 1991 and purchased the estate of Schloss Plars. Always looking ahead, Franz Theiner managed to produce and commercialise his wines on a grand scale.

Theiner Franz und Berta, Berta, Karl, Albert, Franziska, Walter

Karl Theiner

Being the eldest son, Karl Theiner took over the challenging heritage of Schloss Plars at a quite young age. Following the spirit of the time, he invested in apple production besides winegrowing and realised that the combination of agricultural business and holiday-residence held a special appeal for tourists. Thus, since 1973 the family-run Bed & Breakfast has welcomed plenty of holidaymakers.

Theiner Karl und Maria-Luisa, Andreas und Barbara

Andreas Theiner

Coming from a completely different professional background but passionate about nature and wine, the self-taught winegrower opened new ways for the family business and now bestows exceptional wines on Schloss Plars. Together with his wife Irene, Andreas Theiner has been striving to produce quality wines since 2003. The historic walls of the new 4-star-boutique B&B Schloss Plars offer an exceptional location for a unique wine experience.

Theiner Andreas und Irene, Moritz und Sophie