Nature has been particularly generous with the vines on the slopes around Plars Castle.  The Raut, Broat and Torggl vines, situated in a panoramic position, 450m above Algund and the Meran basin, enjoy many long sunny hours and natural air circulation. The Mediterranean climate allows for warm and dry summers and mild winters.

Vineyard Raut

A dry-hot microclimate together with the morainic and humous soil favours the perfect ripening of the Vernatsch (Schiava) and Chardonnay grapes. Following tradition, these vines are planted in pergolas.

Vineyard Torggl

This espalier-planted grape variety is situated in a climatically sheltered position and on a multi-layered soil of rock and clay. Granite, schist and gneiss work together to create the flavours and aromas of the extraordinary Sauvignon, Lagrein and Merlot.

Vineyard Broat

The chilly wind from the Venosta Valley blows through the Broat espalier vineyard. The soil, rich in granite, schist, gneiss and clay, gives the Pinot Blanc that grows here its minerality.